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John Allerton

Kamasan matchman of the year 1990

Yorkshireman John Allerton has racked up an impressive 110+ first place wins with numerous top three finishes at Lindholme Lakes Doncaster over the last several years. He has also placed numerous wins at several of the UK's top carp fisheries since his transition from River angling.

Tri-Cast matchman, and all-round angling legend John is putting his running water skills to good use on commercials by taking the matches at Lindholme Lakes apart on the waggler.

In the 50 years of Angling Times edition, Keith Arthur lists John Allerton in his top 10 Angling icons
"I thought I could fish the stick float intill I drew next to John at the Trent. Unbelievable control and accuracy and now still doing the business on commercial fisheries. John is the angler who has given me the biggest hammering on my favourite method" – Keith Arthur

"Too many people think John was just a stick float angler, but while he is deadly on that method, theres much more to the man than that. He is a brilliant waggler man, and I've seen him take apart festivals in Ireland feederfishing for bream. He's even the man to beat at commercial carp fisheries today" Dick Clegg

Achievements to date:

  • Kamasan matchman of the year 1990
  • Twice Trent Champion 1993 & 1994
  • River Colder Champion 1993
  • Angling Times Winter League Final Champion
  • Abu Marsters Champion
  • 100+ Open Match Wins
  • 90 100lb Match Wins

Fishing tuition is available by John click here >>>> to go to the Lindholme Lakes website to find out more.


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