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Pellet Oil - 250ml

The original and the best. Our blended oil is the perfect additive to give your pellets a boost.
Pellet Oil
Price: £2.99
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Sweet Green Pellet Soak - 250ml

A rich sweet flavoured soak to transform your pellets, giving you a distinctive edge over the competition...
Sweet Green Pellet Soak
Price: £3.99
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Flavoured Sprays

These sprays are excellent to lightly flavour any bait and seriously boost their attraction!
Flavoured Sprays
Price: £4.99
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Worm Booster Glug - 250ml

This rich liquid is the ideal additive to gain the edge when fishing with chopped worms.
Worm Booster Glug
Price: £5.49
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Natural Attractors

You cannot over use these products. Each bottle will treat up to 5 kilos of groundbait...
Natural Attractors
Price: £4.99
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Flavoured Dyes

Our dyes have all been treated with our special blend of flavours, they are very intense...
Bait Dye
Price: £4.99
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