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Dale Shepherd

I’m 27 and work in Wakefield as a builder.

My current acheivements are:

  • 2016 Uk Champs, currently in 2nd position
  • 2016 Drennan Knockout Cup round 3
  • 2015 Fishomania final
  • 2015 3rd Daiwa Pole Masters
  • 2014 and 2015 UK championship
  • 2013 Fishomania final
  • 2013 Runner up Kamasan all winners final 
  • 2013 3rd Summer larford festival

I also fished in the england international youth teams for two years when i was aged 14 and 15.

I fish weekly at Lindholme Lakes 3-4 days a week, framing in most matches.


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