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Pro-Competition groundbaits

Pro Competition Range
These fantastic groundbaits have been designed and tested by the Bag'em team. They are produced using only the finest, highest quality fishmeals and pellets, with unique attractors. The ultra high fishmeal content ensures that these groundbaits are the most effective you can buy!

Sweat Breams, Super Skimmer Light and Dark are bream & silver fish groundbaits which have a high biscuit and cereal content for added attraction.



Commercial Carp Green GroundbaitCommercial Carp Green
With the massive popularity of Bag'ems Commercial Carp groundbait, it's now available in a green version.
A green coloured groundbait can be brilliant in murky commercial waters.
This groundbait is perfect for Method feeder, cupping in, open end feeder or mixed wetter as a paste.
Flavour: Commercial Carp GreenColour: Green
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Commercial Carp
Use this groundbait to catch Carp, Tench, F1s and Bream. The ultimate commercial fishery groundbait. Its perfect for cupping, balling or method feeder fishing. It contains the finest quality fishmeals.

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Flavour: Commercial CarpColour: Light Brown
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59

f1nesse gold groundbaitF1nesse Gold
F1s have now become one of the most common species regularly stocked into today's modern commercial fisheries. With this in mind I have designed a groundbait to target what some anglers would describe as one of the hardest fish to catch. Some venues respond better to certain colours. Full of the type of ingredients the F1s just can't resist. These ingredients have also been impregnated with a sweet flavouring which gives off an attractive sweet aroma.
Flavour: F1nesse Gold Colour: Gold
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
XP Xpanda Groundbait
XP Xpanda
Fabulous light fluffy groundbait made with expander pellets as its main ingredient. It is ideal for shallow waters as it creates a light coloured cloud that carp and skimmers can’t resist.

Flavour: XP XpandaColour: Natural
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
XPG Xpanda Green Groundbait
XPG Xpanda Green 
The purest crushed green coloured expander groundbait. An active mix best used in shallow water for carp, F1's, bream and skimmers.

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Flavour: XPG Xpanda Green  Colour: Green
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Xpanda Dark Groundbait
XPD Xpanda Dark
Use this groundbait to catch Carp, F1's, Bream & Skimmers, and its made from the purest crushed expander pellet which is perfect for clear water and winter fishing.

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Flavour: XPD Xpanda Dark  Colour: Dark Brown
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Super Skimmer Light
Super Skimmer Light
Use this groundbait to catch Bream, Skimmers, Roach and all types of Silvers. For coloured water & summer fishing. It contains super sweet flavourings and fishmeals for added extra attraction.

Flavour: Super Skimmer Light Colour: Yellow
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59

Super Skimmer DarkSuper Skimmer Dark
Super Skimmer Dark is a rich dark groundbait with a moderate fishmeal content, and a strong vanilla flavouring. Its dark colouration ensures the perfect offering on natural or commercial venues, no matter if the water is clear or coloured. Designed for both summer and winter fishing.

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Flavour: Super Skimmer Dark Colour: Dark Brown
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Machins Method Groundbait
Machin's Method
This unique method mix is ideal for use in a speed mould when squeezed around a method feeder. It contains a fantastic high protein ingredient that helps it bind. The slightly sticky texture melts down very quickly. Method fishing made easy!

Flavour: Machin’s MethodColour: Brown
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Red Reaper GroundbaitRed Reaper
This highly visible, super spicy mix contains my secret ingredient Robin Red, which promotes aggressive feeding amongst most species.

Flavour: Red Reaper Colour: Red
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59
Krill Seeker
Krill is a superb high quality natural fish attractor and its orange/brown colour makes it a perfect groundbait for muddy carp pools.

Flavour: Krill Seaker Colour: Orange
Quantity Size 800g = £3.59