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Micro Fluoro Pop Ups

Mini pop ups

These tiny 6-8mm un-flavoured fluoro pop ups are brilliant for popping up off the bottom on a straight lead, or even fishing on the surface in summer. They come in a range of different colours including white, yellow, and orange, all in one pot, saving you money and catching you more fish. Use straight from the pot or simply spray with one of the flavours in the Flavoured Sprays section >>>.

"These little floating pop ups come into use all year round. They're brilliant in the winter fishing as a single hook bait, casting around your swim to find the fish. In the summer they're a really useful bait to have with you when fishing the pellet waggler. When it gets too windy for good waggler presentation try putting one of these out on a straight lead popped up to the depth you were catching on the wag"  Pemb Wrighting

Click here for the UK Match Angler review >>>>


Flavour: Pure Krill   Colour: Multi
Quantity Size 100ml = £6.99

Flavour: Unflavoured  Colour: Multi
Quantity Size 100ml = £6.99