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Moist Feeder Pellets

Price: £ 3.99

These best selling tiny 2mm pellets can be used straight from the bag with no preparation.

“Our range of Moist Feeder Pellets have been produced to take away all the hassle of preparing 2mm micro pellets on the bank. Perfectly prepared for use with pellet, method and cage feeders straight from the bag or alternatively fed straight into the peg via pole cup as an alternative to groundbait.

For a greater holding power simply add a few drops of water to some pellets, stir, then mix in a teaspoon of pellet binder.

Moist micros are ideal for targeting Carp, F1s, Tench and Skimmers and the wide range of flavours available mean you can always find the perfect bait to suit the species and venue of your choice.”


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