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Bag'em matchbaits

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Golden Reel Qualifiers 2017

Jamie-hughes-Match-This-FinalistJamie Hughes just misses out getting into three major finals:

Partridge Lakes Qualifier Saturday 23rd June 2017

68 anglers turned out for this latest qualifier. Conditions were breezy but overcast and the temperature had dropped from highs of 32C to just below 18C.

Most of the field opted to fish shallow with casters as the water temperatures were still high.

Winner on the day was Mitch Rawlinson who drew peg 156 on covey 6.

Mitch fished a brilliant match, fishing casters shallow and pellet short landing a fine bag of carp and F1’s, finishing the day with 187-05-00 and a place in the August Grand Final.

2nd placed Jamie Hughes (MAP, Bag’em baits) was again very close to making three major finals, weighing 136-00-00 from peg 100 on covey 4.

Jamie fished hard 6mm pellet at 13m and later down his edges again using banded pellet.


Maver Match This Qualifiers

Jamie hughes Match This Finalist



Qualifier for Grand Final: Jamie Hughes (MAP, Bag’em baits)





Solhampton Fishery, Stourport-on-Severn, 10th June 2017

Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake
Jamie Hughes (MAP / Bag 'Em Baits) 173-02-00 37 (Dragonfly)
Peter Alan Rice (Mosella) 159-12-00 9 (Valley)
Jon Arthur (Drennan) 130-04-00 8 (Kingfisher)
Kevin Dales 126-06-00 29 (Valley)
Andy Welding (Strike Angling) 124-12-00 5 (Kingfisher)
Zac Brown (Preston Innovations / Sonu Baits) 123-07-00 2 (Valley)
Michael McMillan (Garbolino / Bait-Tech) 110-02-00 15 (Buzzard)
Lee Thornton (Middy) Bag’em baits 110-00-00 12 (Dragonfly)


Qualifier number thirteen of the 2017 Mega Match This qualifier campaign saw the introduction of a brand new venue in Worcestershire's Solhampton Fishery. Conditions on the day were ideal with plenty of cloud cover coupled with a moderate breeze creating a nice ripple on the five lakes used. Pegging on the day gave anglers plenty of room and the match itself was a closely contested affair with a number of weights over the 100lb mark.

Winner on the day was 2016 runner-up, Jamie Hughes (MAP / Bag 'Em Baits). Jamie drew peg 37 on Dragonfly and opted to fish pellet shallow on the pole at 4m and 6m before looking down his edge late on to find bonus fish up to 8lbs to weigh in a final 173-02-00. Jamie will now have the opportunity to compete for the iconic Mega Match This trophy once again having come agonisingly close during last year's unforgettable finale.

Jamie Hughes through to 2017 Fishomania final

Jamie Hughes through to FishO final 2017

With this seasons qualifying campaign under full swing, it was on to lake view fishery in Leicestershire for a midweek fishomania, talk before the draw was an end peg or pegs 9-15 on the canal pool were the favoured places to be.

I was lucky enough to find myself on peg 13 on the canal which most certainly gave me a good chance of qualifying!

Having not fished at lakeview before I chose to keep things as simple as possible and just feel my way into the match. Talk before the match suggested that 80-90lb would be enough to win so a nice steady match was all that was required.

My peg was typical of the snake lakes that I am familiar with, with around 5ft down the middle and nice gradual slopes on either side. Because of this I assembled rigs to cover 5ft, 3.5ft and 18inches of water, with the intention of fishing just hard 4mm fishery pellets on every line.

The match itself went nice and smoothly with regular bites throughout, it was extremely important to rest each line after 2-3 fish and feed could only be fed by a cup as catapulting seemed to really upset the peg.

5 hours later I finished with 40 odd carp and f1s for a weight of 118lb and a place in my 7th fishomania final.

2nd went to Paul Wright with 93lb and my mate Craig Goldstraw was 3rd with 86lb.

Maver Match This Qualifiers

sam-brown thumb


Qualifier for Grand Final: Sam Brown (Maver, Bag’em baits)

Qualifiers for British Pole Championships: Sam Brown (Maver, Bag’em), Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin) & Jon Pollard (Leicester Gas AC)




Decoy Lakes, Peterborough, 7th June 2017

Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake
Sam Brown (Maver/ Bag’em baits) 128-06-00 22 (Oak)
Ben Townsend (Matrix / Spotted Fin) 126-14-00 5 (Beastie)
Jon Pollard (Leicester Gas AC) 123-04-00 26 (Cedar)
Simon Fry (Garbolino) 114-11-00 23 (Beastie)
Dale Jackson (Marukyu) 112-04-00 21 (Beastie)
Ben Lawrence (Bottisham AC) 106-13-00 15 (Yew)
Marc Rodger (Bag’em Baits) 103-14-00 22 (Willows)
Richard Bond 100-06-00 14 (Yew)


The first mid-week qualifier event of 2017 saw ninety four (94) anglers in attendance at Peterborough's Decoy Lakes. Conditions on the day were pretty extreme with gale force winds making usual methods impossible. Many were forced to improvise and fish short and down their edge in an effort to find the fish. Despite the conditions being more than a little tricky, the standard of fishing on the day was superb with just one fish dividing the top three highlighting just how close and fair a qualifier it was with competing anglers battling the wind making for an even playing field.

Making his way through to September's big money final is Bag’ems Sam Brown. Sam drew peg 22 on Oak and endured a slow start to the match fishing 6mm pellet short with just four fish in the first three hours gracing his net. A switch to his margin late on proved to be the turning point of his match with Sam managing to find quality carp in numbers to 10lb fishing corn over micro pellet to end with 128-06-00. Sam will now compete in his second Mega Match This final after his debut appearance

Golden Reel £50k Finalists 2017

Fran O'Rielly Golden Reel 50k Finalist 2017The 50k grand final takes place at Bag’em Larford lakes on 19th Aug 2017

Barston Lakes Qualifier Sat 27th May

A field of 63 anglers turned out for this latest qualifier. Conditions were not so good with a strong breeze and a mix of sunshine with some heavy showers.

The fish on the lake had just finished spawning so weights were looking to be difficult.

Winner on the day was Fran O’Rielly (Frenzee /Bag’em baits) who drew peg 58.

Fran started his match fishing the pellet waggler and finding 5 or 6 early fish. Later switching to the method and casting just beyond the pellet waggler line, fish kept coming and Fran went through to the final with 111-12-00

Difficult conditions on the day but still a great match.

Maver Match This Qualifiers

Partridge Lakes, Warrington, 20th May 2017

Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake
Alex Hulme (Maver Gold) 137-09-00 2 (Spey)
Lee Thornton (Middy / Bag 'Em Baits) 127-10-00 127 (Covey 5)


Lee-ThorntonEighty nine (89) anglers attended this second Mega Match This qualifier hosted by Partridge Lakes Fishery, Warrington. Conditions on the day were very wet making for uncomfortable fishing. That said, despite the conditions, weights on the day were reasonable with the top three anglers on the day all weighing in over one hundred pounds each.

Next to make his way through to September's big money final was Maver Gold man, Alex Hulme. Alex drew peg 2 on Spey and opted to fish caster shallow alternating between 6m and 13m line to catch mainly F1's with odd carp amongst them. Alex caught steady for the duration of the match to end proceedings with sixty eight fish up to 5lbs to offer a final 137-09-00 to the scales. As well as qualifying for the Match This Grand Final, Alex also secures himself a place in this year's Maver British Pole Championship final.

Finishing close behind in second place just off the pace was Bag’ems Lee Thornton.

Starting his match short on caster, Lee put together a good run of F1's before his bites slowed up. Then, coming short on paste, Lee found some bonus carp to 4lbs to weigh in 127-10-00.

Maver Match This Qualifiers



Qualifier for Grand Final: John Allerton (Tri-Cast / Bag 'Em Baits)

Qualifiers for British Pole Championships: John Allerton (Tri-Cast / Bag 'Em Baits), Lee Kerry (Preston Innovations) & Lee Thornton (Middy/ Bag’em)




Lindholme Lakes, Doncaster, 30th April 2017

Angler's Name Weight (lbs/oz) Peg # / Lake
John Allerton (Tri-Cast / Bag 'em Baits) 137-03-00 48 (Bonsai)
Lee Kerry (Preston Innovations) 115-11-00 38 (Bonsai)
Lee Thornton (Middy/Bag’em Baits 107-10-00 11 (Bonsai)
Jonathan Firth 91-00-00 13 (Bonsai)
Liam Miller (Barnsley Bait & Tackle / Frenzee) 79-07-00 72 (Bonsai)
James Hall (Browning) 78-10-00 79 (Bonsai)
Les Marshall 78-08-00 69 (Bonsai)
Jamie Hughes (MAP / Bag 'em Baits) 77-11-00 55 (Bonsai)


One hundred and three (103) anglers attended this latest Mega Match This qualifier hosted by Garbolino Lindholme Lakes. The venue hosted this year's Angling Trust Commercial Masters the day before with many anglers staying on to take part in the fifth Match This qualifier of 2017. Conditions on the day were far from ideal with a very strong cold wind hampering anglers best efforts, particularly on Loco, Strip and Bennies.

The next angler making his way through to the 2017 Mega Match This final was local rod, and venue expert, John Allerton (Tri-Cast / Bag 'Em Baits). John, who is the second Tri-Cast rod through to this year's final in as many qualifiers, drew peg 48 on Bonsai and, sheltered from the wind, decided to fish most of the match down his edge at 8 metres with maggot and pellet where he found carp and small barbel. John weighed in 137-03-00 at the end of the five hours to top the field and book his place in this year's British Pole Championship final.

Finishing close behind taking runner-up spot was Preston's Lee Kerry. Lee drew peg 38, also on Bonsai, and opted to fish maggot to the far bank at 16m before looking down his edge late on in the match finding bonus fish to 10lbs to weigh in 115-11-00. Lee also books his place in the 2017 British Pole Championship final for his efforts.

Rounding off the top three was Middy /Bag’ems Lee Thornton. Lee drew peg 11 on Bonsai and fished maggot over to far side cover to find carp, F1s, barbel, ide, roach and perch to offer 107-10-00 to the scales seeing him through to the British Pole Championships in August.

Golden Reel £50k Finalists 2017

Craig Goldstraw Golden Reel 50k Finalists 2017The 50k grand final takes place at Bag’em Larford lakes on 19th Aug 2017

Heronbrook Fishery Qualifier Sat 22nd April 2017

67 anglers participated in this recent Golden Reel Qualifier. Conditions were difficult with strong north wind making presentation difficult for some.

Other areas were flat calm with bright sunshine, which again was not favourable.

All that being said, the fishing was first class and big weights were still required to qualify.

Winner on the day and progressing to the August Grand Final was Craig Goldstraw (Middy Bag’em) who drew peg 26 on the Match Lake

Craig had the wind directly into his face, it was an area he knew and fancied.

Fishing with pellet, Craig caught short and down his edges weighing in a superb bag of F1 carp totalling 155-14-00.


Golden Reel £50k Finalists 2017

Toby Pepper - Golden Reel 50k Finalists 2017The 50k grand final takes place at Bag’em Larford lakes on 19th Aug 2017

Westwood Lakes Golden Reel Qualifier Saturday 15th April 2017

Winner today and making his way to the Golden Reel Grand Final in August was Toby Pepper (Bag’em) who drew peg 16 on Falcon Lake.

Toby fished short pole with pellet over micro pellet feed catching a superb bag of F1’s to weigh 196-14-00

So all in all, superb weights were recorded at Westwood Lakes.


Big News for Bag'em Matchbaits

Bagem Larford Deal February 2017

Bag’em Matchbaits have joined forces with the prolific Larford Lakes Fishery Complex near Stourport.

The deal was verbally sealed just over a week ago and it will be great opportunity for both parties involved.

Caroline Reed, Bag’em matchbaits manager signed contracts with Phil Briscoe on Thursday and finalised the deal on the very windy day of storm Doris.

Bag’em's consultant Ian Giddins also played a big part during initial negotiations with Phil Briscoe at the lakes.

Caroline explained ‘We look forward to working alongside Phil and all the staff at the lakes and to being fully involved in all the festivals, finals and big events like the new Golden Reel that Larford Lakes hold. Larford will be soley stocking the Bag’em range of bait including some Larboard ‘Special’ groundbaits which will be tailored to the Lakes requirements.'

Larford Team